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Grand Prix Cafe in Southampton:

Your Trusted Partner in Vehicle Consignment


Are you considering selling your cherished vehicle? Grand Prix Cafe in Southampton is here to make the process seamless, rewarding, and entirely stress-free. Our expert team, with a renowned history of catering to car enthusiasts, is dedicated to fetching you the best possible return on your investment.


Why Choose Grand Prix Cafe’s Consignment Services?


"I seamlessly sold 2 cars through them. They were very professional and got me the prices I wanted. I now use them to service my cars and have continued enjoying their top notch workmanship and honesty."

- Expert Valuation: Our team of experts understands the unique value of your vehicle. We assess every detail, from historical significance to current market trends, to set a price that meets your expectations.


- World-Class Marketing: We don’t just list your car; we market it. Through high-resolution photography, captivating storytelling, and targeted marketing strategies, we ensure your vehicle reaches the right audience — both locally and globally.


- Detailing and Restoration:* Before showcasing your vehicle, our team of specialists offers detailing and restoration services to ensure your car is in pristine condition, thus maximizing its market value.


- Transparent Process: We maintain full transparency throughout the consignment process, providing regular updates and working tirelessly to get the best price for your vehicle.


- Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to the hassle of negotiations and paperwork. We handle everything — from finding serious buyers to closing the deal — ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.


Partner with Us for a Successful Sale


Turn your vehicle into a star at our Southampton facility, where we welcome discerning buyers looking for their dream ride. We've cultivated a community of passionate car enthusiasts who value quality and craftsmanship as much as you do. 


Join hands with Grand Prix Cafe in Southampton — where every vehicle is treated with the respect and attention it deserves, and every seller walks away with a satisfying and rewarding experience. 


Contact Us Today


Ready to take the next step? Contact us at Grand Prix Cafe in Southampton. 646.250.5519

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